The seven funniest boating t-shirts around

You know what’s it’s like. You’re out on your boat and you pass someone else, shout hello and wave. Then you see his t-shirt. You chuckle and pay him a compliement. Then you think to yourself “I really must get myself something like that”. Well, look no further. We’ve scoured the internet and in particular Amazon to find the best and the funniest boating t-shirts around.

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On with the T-shirts.

1. If you can read this

First up is a bit of a classic but hey, classics never die. “If you can read this I’ve capsized” written upside down. There are various alternatives to this out there but we felt this one looked the best.


2. Boats & Beer!

Well, what Else Is There? Well, it kind of says is all doesn’t it and, be honest, deep down you sort of agree with it.


3. What Happens On The Boat Stays On The Boat

Another classic and admittedly slightly generic but it’s still funny and it work’s very well for a boating shirt.  – Funny V-Neck T-Shirt


5. Retirement Definition

If you’re lucky enough to be retired and doubly luck to be on a boat then this is the tee for you.



Another classic and one for the skippers out there.


6. Boat Hair Don’t Care

We’ve all been there and we all know what it’s like after a few days on the boat and this t-shirt just sums it all up quite nicely.


7. Boat Bitch

Sorry, another rude one but it works quite well as a boating t-shirt so we’ve included it here.

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