Fun Boating gifts for Her

Get Her a Boating or Boaty gift she’ll love. Below you’ll find our selection of the very best and most fun boating gifts for her around.

If you’re on a boat you need a hat and if you need a hat you may as well get the best. These hats are really clever quickly converting from small brim to large brimmed so you can wear them whatever the weather. The come in a range of colours.


Keep calm and Go Boating. A classic and stylish travel mug with a leak proof lid to make sure that you don’t spill a drop no matter the weather

These Espadrilles look the part and are comfortable too. They come in a range of bright colours and sizes and would look great no matter what boat you’re currently sailing.

Unbreakable silicon wine glasses. They’re unbreakable and they’re wine glasses – need I say more?

Speaking about Wine glasses here’s another type, they’re not only spill proof but they come with a spiker which you can put in the sand. Perfect for when you’re on the beach or marooned on a desert island.


Keep Calm and Sail Away. A classic t-shirt available in many different colours.

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