Fun Boating gifts for Him

If you’re looking for some great Boating or Boaty gifts for a special Man in your life look no further. We’ve scoured the internet and picked out the finest and most fun boating gifts for Him around.


This waterproof backpack is a must if you’re out on the water. It comes in different capacities of 12L, 20L and 30L which should be enough for most people. It’s 100% waterproof and floats if dropped in water – how cool is that?


Who could resist a pair of Red & Green Port & Starboard socks. Wear them on the Boat or wear them at work.


Personalised Mug. It’s been done before but this is slightly different. As well as putting the recipient’s name on the front you can also add a personal message on the back. Definitely a unique message and one which they’ll value every time they use it.


A must have for everyone serious about Boating. These shoes will make sure that you don’t slip and look great. They come in three different colours but, seriously, you can only wear them in blue.


If you’re looking for a shoulder bag rather than a rucksack then these are definitely worth checking out. They’re fully waterproof and will protect your most valuable possessions.


This Beach Tide Clock is simple but beautiful. It can live in or outside although it’s probably best inside. You set it by marking the time of the high tide on the date of a full moon. From then on it will give an accurate measure of the high and low tides.



If you’re looking for Boaty t-shirts checkout the Boaty Shop otherwise take a look at these below.


My Boat, My Rules – There are a few similar shirts around but this one has a bit of style. I think Boaty would approve. It’s available in many different colours so pick the one you’d like.


If you’re looking for a t-shirt which will make them laugh try this one. Slight rude but you’ll get away with it. Available in several different colours and sizes.


What Happens on the Boat, Stays on the Boat. As it should do, of course.