Seven great and useful boating gifts

LED-lantern-ThorFire-Solar-Camping-Lantern-Collapsible-Rainproof-Portable-Lightweight-LED-Lantern-Torch-Mini-Lantern-Lamp-with-Hanging-Handle-Great-for-Camping-Hiking-Emergency-Cell-Phone-Charger-RechIt’s that time of year again. That time when you start looking for gifts for that special Boaty person. Well here are some ideas for great and useful boating gifts.


This monocular is fantastic on a boat. Much smaller and more convenient than binoculars it lets you spot other boats, moorings, wildlife and much more. It’s got 10x zoom and low-light-level vision built in.


This collapsible lantern is easy to store but gives off a bright enough light when in use. What’s really handy is that it can be charged either from sunlight or usb which could include your phone. Very neat.


One of the best waterproof jackets around this is breathable and very light. It features a detachable hood, reflectors and an inner pocket with earphone plug – although I’m guessing you wouldn’t buy a jacket just because it had an earphone plug!


This is one of the more interesting lunar dials and tide clocks out there. It’s one of the few lunar clocks around with an accurate scaled clock face which makes reading the times of the tides much easier.


This is quite a clever idea, a waterproof bag with a see-through window so you can actually tell what’s in it without having to get it open. Why hasn’t anyone thought of that before. There are a whole range of bags here from small ones to hold your phone to larger ones for your kit.


Stay warm and look good with this stylish hoodie featuring the words “I’d rather be sailing”. Nice.


Ok, this doesn’t really fit into the “Useful” category but if you’re looking for inspiration before your next voyage or just for something to listen to in the winter months then this is worth checking out.