The best cool box for your boat

Are you looking for the best cool box for your boat? With summer on the way it’s important to keep your food (and your beer) nice and cool.

Marko 30L Litre Capacity Electrical Coolbox 240V AC & 12V DC Electric Cool Box Cooler

Powered by both 12V DC (Vehicle cigarette lighter) and 240V AC (Indoor house plug) this is excellent toolbox with a 30 litre capacity. It can cool 15-18% below the ambient temperature which should be enough for your beer! It can get a little bit noisy though so watch out if you’re a light sleeper.


Coolbox DC/AC Electric Warm/Cool Box (24L)

This coolbox can be used either in your car with a 12v adapter or from a UK mains plug. It is 24 litres capacity is quite heavy although most of the weight is in the detachable top.


CrazyGadget Portable 12V Electric Camping Cool Box Ice Box Picnic Party Indoor Outdoor Beach Travel Carry Box Food Drink Storage Box (18 Litre)

An 18, 24 or 30 litre cool box which should keep food and drink cold for 8 to 11 hours. It is lightweight and almost noiseless. It runs off a 12v car plug and not the mains.


VonShef Electric 12V Large 21L Insulated Cool Box – Blue

A large 22L capacity cool box which is great for picnics, travelling and camping. It’s powered by a 12v DC connector which can plug into a cigarette lighter. When powered it should keep food and drink cool to 8 -12°C. The lid features a lock which is useful if you’re not sure about your shipmates. Manufacturer 2 Year Warranty Included.


iceQ 32 Litre Electric Cool Box – Red (240V AC & 12V DC)

One of the more stylish cool boxes in our selection and there’s not much wrong to say about this one. It’s large at 32 litre capacity, has two power inputs: 240V AC and 12V DC, a strong carry handle and a relatively quiet cooling fan.


Coleman Xtreme Passive Coolers

The largest cool box we’ve reviewed coming in at 64 litre capacity. It’s so big that if it’s full you’ll probably need two people to carry it. On the plus side even if you’re shipwrecked you should have enough provisions for quite a while!
You should drain it every day using the rustproof, leak-resistant channel which means that you don’t need to title it. If you do your food should stay cool for several days. The hinged lid contains deep beverage holders which we like.


OUTWELL ECOcool 24L Cool Box

This is quite a neat cool box with hidden and protected cable entry and variable handle position. You can use it for heating (50-60C) or cooling (18-25C below ambient temperature). It can be a bit loud but if you’re out on the high seas that won’t bother you.