Boaty McBoatface in the news

Boaty McBoatface still crops up regularly in the news. You can check out the latest articles and mentions below;


Boaty McBoatface is entered in the Collins Dictionary 2016

7 November 2016


Is it true? Is Boaty McBoatface being entered into the Collins Dictionary? Read more at Shropshire News.


Boaty McBoatface not an option: Public servants urged to pitch new APS slogan

2 November 2016


Australian Public Service (APS) says it has taken measures to avoid a “Boaty McBoatface” incident. Read more at ABC news.


P&O Cruises braves Boaty McBoatface waters to name new ocean liner

27 October 2016


Cruise firm says it planned to invite names from public long before poll for Natural Environment Research Council went viral. Read more at The Guardian.


Max Verstappen becomes F1’s Boaty McBoatface

25 October 2016

AUSTIN, TX - OCTOBER 22: Max Verstappen of Netherlands and Red Bull Racing in the garage during qualifying for the United States Formula One Grand Prix at Circuit of The Americas on October 22, 2016 in Austin, United States. (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

It seems that the Driver of the Day public vote isn’t leading to the expected results. Read more at NBC Sports.


Arctic crossing planned for ‘Boaty’ sub

17 October 2016


The UK’s favourite new yellow submarine, Boaty McBoatface, is in training for a grand challenge. Read more at BBC.


Works starts on Boaty McBoatface – well the boat that should have been called Boaty McBoatface

17 October 2016


Sir David Attenborough attend a Merseyside ceremony marking the start of work on the RSS Sir David Attenborough. Read more at The Guardian


Florida Printer PostcardMania Takes a Stand for Democracy, Names New Digital Press “Printy McPrintface”

12 October 2016


Well, think about it, Printy McPrintface, it does sort of makes sense.



MPs debated commissioning a royal yacht and it raised a few eyebrows from the public

11 October 2016


Of course someone suggested call it Boaty McBoatface – well it gets our vote!



Twitter Moments celebrates its first birthday

6 October 2016


and guess what one of the Moments was? That’s right our very own Boaty featured as a great Twitter Moment in it’s first year. Read more at CNET


On board the £68m research vessel – that isn’t Boaty McBoatface

4 October 2016


The RSS Discovery has been moored in Liverpool as part of a training initiative. Apparently lots of people thought it was Boaty McBoatface – or rather the boat that should be Boaty McBoatface.

Read more at The Liverpool Echo

B-21 bomber not named ‘Bomber McBombface’

22 Sept 2016

Rejected B-21 names include ‘Baconator,’ ‘Lurking Sasquatch,’ ‘Bomber McBomberface’

Read more at The Washington Post


No, a Chinese zoo HASN’T named a gorilla Harambe McHarambeface after polling the public… but we wish it had

13 Sept 2016

Harambe, a 17-year-old gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Claims a Chinese zoo had named a baby gorilla “Harambe McHarambeface” – a mashup of famous ape Harambe and Boaty McBoatface – have been quashed.

Read more at The Sun


City council to pick plaza name

3 September 2016


…and someone suggested Boaty McBoatface. Look, even we’re not sure it’s a suitable name for a plaza.

Read more at Sun-News Reports


Boaty McBoatface is Magdalen soapbox derby winner

31 August 2016


Which only goes to prove… something, I’m not quite sure what.

Read more Lynn News


Boaty McBoatface and Ferry McFerryface miss shortlist

The “Boaty McBoatface Principal” as a way of resolving Cameron’s Honours List

3 August 2016


In a post on ConservativeHome Paul Goodwin suggests applying the Boaty McBoatface Principal to weed out unsuitable candidates in David Cameron’s Honours List.

We’re not sure this is entirely flattering for all you Boaty fans but we get the point.

Read more at ConservativeHome


Midhurst could get its very own Boaty McBoatface!


Midhurst could soon have its very own Boaty McBoatface after members of the town’s volunteer South Pond Group asked for suggestions to name their new boat.

Not quite Polar Research but there you go…

Read more at Midhurst and Petworth Observer


New landlord changes his pub’s name to Pubby McPubface

BBC: Belladrum tribute to Boaty McBoatface viral phenomenon

Google name their English Parser: Parsey McParseface

Sydney residents try to outdo Boaty McBoatface

22 July 2016


The Daily Telegraph in Sydney is reporting a competition to name a local ferry. Like the great Boaty McBoatface event there’s nothing compelling the organisers to actually use one of the suggestions. My favourites so far are “RMS Usain Boat” and “Ferry McFerryface”.

Read more at Daily Telegraph